March 07, 2007

Do as I say, not as I do

EU bigwigs continue to pontificate on matters green, as long as they don't affect their own country or their own life.

Notoriously, Gore is a huge consumer of energy, not only as he criss-crosses the world with his false tales of warming and hellfires, but even when he's at home in his huge, energy-hungry house.

Now another priest of the false religion has stood up, the reverend and very pious José Manuel Barroso.

Challenged about his ownership of a large sports utility vehicle, following his call to European leaders to lead by example in setting ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, Barroso said (reports The Times) that his ownership of a Volkswagen Touareg 4x4 did not conflict with the Commission’s plans to limit CO2 emissions from cars to 130 grammes per km, despite the fact that the vehicle pumps out 265 g/ km.

Anyway, he said, the vehicle is mostly used by his wife, so that's all right then. On official business he tends to use a top-of-the range Mercedes with CO2 emissions of 270 g/km! Barroso said:
“I never see myself as an example. A moralistic approach is not mine. We are setting public targets and should avoid giving certificates of good behaviour to individuals.”
Hypocrisy is the word we are looking for here. If politicians want to change people's behaviour, they should demonstrate what good behaviour would look like. Let them show that it is practical and pleasurable and does not reduce the quality of life.

Asked whether he should set an example in his own vehicle choice, Mr Barroso said:
“People are responsible and should take their decisions.

“If you start on the environment you could go on to the family, sexual, etc. You have to respect the law and what we are doing is pushing for a more ambitious law.”
Bizarre. It's as if a politician called for anti-drugs laws but continued to take drugs himself.

The Times writer then loses touch with reality, which is perhaps understandable given the Revd Barroso's remarks. Other politicians in Europe, it reports, have adapted their travel habits.
David Miliband, the Environment Secretary, for example, offsets his flights.
This isn't changing his travel habits at all! It's just making taxpayers pay twice over for his self-importance.

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