March 07, 2007

Do as I say, not as I do - 2

The previous post covered the green hypocrisy of High Priest Barroso. Hot on its heels, the UK government's Sustainable Development Commission finds the performance of government departments "hugely disappointing".

• Government is not on track to meet the target to reduce carbon emissions from energy use by 2010
• Departments, on average, generated more waste in 2005/06 when compared to previous years
• Most departments are using energy less efficiently compared to previous years
• Only 18% of the total sites within the Government estate have implemented Environmental Management Systems
• The varying levels of data quality presented a major challenge in creating an accurate assessment.

So the Commission can't be accurate about how the government is doing. But the Revd Blair's government is generating more waste not less, and it's less efficient in its use of energy.
Unless Government can quickly take charge of its own operations, it risks breeding deep cynicism amongst the general public and will lag behind the private sector.
Another case of the preacher not leading by example.

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