March 14, 2007

Channel 4 right on news

Channel 4 news yesterday of course covered Labour's global warming announcement. We had comment from politicians approving of it, and from eco-activists saying it was a good start.

Nothing from the deniers. That's how the MSM try to establish a smug consensus, and exclude inconvenient disagreement. Next time they might try Booker or North.

Then on to a report recommending that women's prisons should be abolished in favour of smaller, more local units. We heard of a woman who had killed herself in prison. Undoubtedly sad. Eventually it emerged she'd been done for burglary. Presumably this was not just your isolated, casual burglary, or she would never have been sent to prison, but we were not told.

Her partner told how devastated she'd been by being sent away from her family. But it also emerged that two of her children had already been adopted or put into care before then. So there already issues before her imprisonment.

At the end of this incomplete, bleeding heart account we still did not know how much the recommendation in the report might cost. But that's a big issue. There is always competition for resources.

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