November 13, 2006

Regulation and the Tories

So far the Tory line on business regulation has been, Yes, we may deregulate a bit, if you give us something in exchange, like greener behaviour (even though it probably doesn't make scientific sense, and if it does it probably doesn't make sense economically).

But in Enterprise Week we have a different emphasis from a junior shadow minister in The Telegraph.
Reforming our tax system is long overdue. We need to make it simpler, fairer and flatter, enabling business to invest with confidence. We need to make regulation the last resort in Whitehall, not the first. And we need regulators to be accountable to British business. That's why it's time we opted out of the EU Social Chapter.

We also need a fundamental reform of business support schemes. Business advice should be borne of practical experience and financial support should deliver measurable gains. Each of these reforms reflects what business wants. The Conservatives are committed to these reforms. We want to make every week Enterprise Week.
This looks just a wee bit too naively and enthusiastically business-centric. Most regulations aren't put there for business, but for their workforce or wider society.

Maybe Mr Prisk needs to think this through.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see whether the body politic can resist the urge to impose new regulations in the light of the Farepak collapse.

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