November 01, 2006

Balls calls for engagement with Europe

Ministers coming into office usually say they want to put Britain "at the heart of Europe", or some such guff. Gradually light dawns and they end up in the back row of the photo opportunity.

Mr Brown is famously intolerant of EU ministers' meetings, but his mouthpiece Mr Balls is now proclaiming a greater future role for the EU.
"On the economy, the social dimension, the environment, enlargement and foreign policy, Europe is going to play a bigger role in the future," he told the Guardian yesterday.

"On these issues, it is in the British national interest to collaborate in a closer way in Europe in the future."

In political terms he sees this approach as distinguishing Labour from the Tories, whose policy of course is not to have an approach to anything at all.

How many years will it take for Mr Balls to become exasperated with the EU in his turn?

Meanwhile, we can contemplate the possibility of a Romanian crime wave. Several papers (including The Sun) have published a Cabinet memo they didn't want us to see, warning that (for instance) Romanian gangs already commit 80 to 85% of all cashpoint crime in Britain.

It's particularly interesting that this memo was signed by cynical mouthpiece Mr (Buff) Hoon, who reportedly didn't want any curbs on Romanian immigrants at all. Nice of you to let us know the facts, Buff.

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